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If you want to impress your guests or attract customers, it should be done from the first step, and whoever comes to your house, the first encounter happens with the driveway. So, you can say it is a status symbol and utility simultaneously. The job of driveway making comprises hard labor, complex engineering, experience, skill and these are needed for fruitful implementation. It involves a considerable amount of money and one should take suggestion and guidance from experienced professionals. There are thousands of reasons for having a driveway and here are some of them.



The process of paving goes through three rigorous steps: base preparation, intermediate layering, and final coating. After completion, your entire house will look completely different and its market value will increase considerably. Even one thousand pounds of investment can increase the property value by 4/5 times of it. Indirectly your investment will return 300 to 400 percent of profit when reselling it.


A rightly installed driveway can last as long as three decades! The reason behind such high longevity lies in the procedure.

First, the technicians inspect the soil and moisture retention capacity, then weather conditions such as temperature, humidity are taken into account.  Then it’s pressurized using a compactor and sometimes sand is used if the soil is sticky. In some cases, stone dust or fly ash is added. The middle layer thickness varies from 3 to 6 inches. Its job is nothing but retaining the pressure of the vehicles to prevent cracking. Grovels, stone dust, crushed stones mixture are used to prepare this. Generally, grovel pavings last for 5-10 years.  Asphalt driveway has a maximum longevity of 20 years. Whereas paved brick or concrete driveway calls last up to 30 years.


A driveway without paving will develop patches and hole in a few days resulting in a high maintenance cost. Not only this, it also makes your premises dirty when a car enters your parking slot. A paved driveway can help you keep your building neat and clean by its dust resistance.



In the snowy region, most of the driveways are made of asphalt. The black asphalt has a characteristic of high heat absorption rate and radiation. Thus, it can melt the snow deposits very fast making it usable in extreme weather conditions. In hot and humid areas concrete driveway benefits you. Hydration is a never-ending process in case of concrete, in fact, exposure to moisture make it stronger. Whereas, rainy or humid climate can affect a common driveway badly, but exactly opposite happens to the concrete one. In a dry region, it helps your front garden by retaining moisture. It obstructs the growth of weeds and what you get is a smooth and elegant path.

Hope these reasons are enough to sight the importance of a paved driveway and how it can make people rediscover the hidden beauty of their house. It is always advisable to hire a veteran pavings professional to do the job as it requires extreme expertise. So don’t waste time —- get your driveway paved and unleash that hidden beauty.