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Installation of a smooth driveway is not that easy as it seems. Instead, a lot of hard work, complex engineering, experience, and skill are all needed for best results. It involves a considerable amount of money, and one should take suggestion and guidance from experienced professionals. Firstly we will elaborate the complexities and why we need experts from this job.

COMPLEXITY OF THE PROCESS: You need to hire a professional as the installation of a driveway involves three different processes —— base preparation, intermediate layering and final coating.

First, they inspect the soil and moisture retention capacity, then weather conditions such as temperature, humidity are taken into account.  Then it’s pressurized using a compactor, and sometimes sand is used if the soil is sticky. In some cases, stone dust or fly ash is used to harden the base. It is impossible for an amateur to carry out these process as not only workforce but heavy machinery are too required to get the desired result.

The middle layer is prepared according to the frequency and load of the vehicles. The thickness of this layer varies from 3 to 6 inches. Its job is nothing but retain the pressure of the cars to prevent cracking. Grovels, stone dust, crushed stones mixture are used to prepare this, and sometimes epoxy compounds are used to get proper bonding.

Final layer preparation in the most laborious job as this requires civil, chemical and mechanical engineering ideas. Most popular paving materials for driveways are asphalt, concrete and segmented blocks. The first two are most popular in the world right now, and 90 percent of the driveways are made of these. Weather pattern plays a vital role in selecting them for example in snowy region asphalt is mostly used but in rainy regions concrete is preferred.

ASPHALT DRIVEWAY: This is most popular paving material in the world right now also known as bitumen. Elasticity, durability, smooth finish, stain resistance are the USPS of asphalt. If the atmosphere is cold and snowy, then it must be used. Experts prepare these second layers to be 1 foot wider than the final coating to prevent breaking from the edges. If the customer wants a durable driveway and sleek black colors in a budget price and won’t mind occasional repairing (it requires so), this is recommended.

CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS: If the weather is hot and humid or rainy, concrete is preferred by the experts. According to the conditions, materials such as the Portland cement, sand, grovels, crushed stones are mixed in an appropriate ratio. Water carry out the chemical process of hydration and several weeks of watering is required which must be done by machines with specific angle and force. If the price is not your concern but durability and strength, you must install a concrete driveway. Grovel a driveway is an elementary form of the driveway, but it neither has longevity nor finishes.

So in conclusion, we can say whether it is concrete or asphalt based, we must seek expert supervision. From the above discussion, it is clear that installation of a driveway involves huge human resources and heavy machinery which are inaccessible to familiar people. Hiring an expert will not only save your money to waste but your valuable time too. Most of the contractors come up with attractive packages of installation and maintenance, and these will be beneficial in the long run. On the web, you will found many veteran companies provide free estimates for your need. So what else are you waiting for? Describe your needs, consult and build your dream driveways with ease.